Hi! Lovely that you found Mattagiana website, here you will find more information about how the project came to life.

The Mattagiana project has grown out of an impulse to unite passion with our work. Being in lush nature with dark night skies and millions of stars is a miracle. Sharing it with guests and people that visit is a gift. At Mattagiana just outside Bosa on the west coast of Sardinia you find the peace and freedom to discover who you are. Working in the vegetable garden, taking care of sheep or just watching griffons circling in the sky above is what happiness and peace. Sharing this nurturing and relaxing effect of working and living on the land with people from all over the world is a huge joy..

If you are interested in helping us, we offer work and travel options, like workaway or woofing.  Feel free to write an email or contact us via phone.